The school of RISDT is located on the same site as the three hospitals. Founded in 2003 and extended twice, the school now hosts  more than 1300 students. Most students live in rural villages, in cottages with nothing except a fire place, a rough bed and some cooking equipment. 15 busses drive winding roads in bad condition to bring the students to school and back to their remote homes, with up to two hours of travel time. 

All children receive individual care. So far, every child passed the final exams (except parents took them from school earlier). This is all the more surprising as the government (and not each school on its own) designs and evaluates the final exams.

The children remember the school days as a wonderful time of intense companionship and closeness. Former students describe the time after the exams as difficult, since they had now to exist without this community. It is quite common for former students to return to their old school and get advice: choice of college, choice of profession, and how to obtain according documents.